School Song

On the slopes of Table Mountain
Stands our school of which we’re proud
We shall try to do her justice
Sing her praises long and loud
Education is our motto
Not a moment shall we rest
Till our Mountain Road is rated
As the first among the best.

When we play our games of tennis, soccer
Cricket, netball, chess
If we win, its good, but if we don’t
We’re sportsmen none the less
We must make good friends and keep them
And remember times well spent
All the work and games and friendships
While to Mountain Road we went.

When the High School years are over
Life’s long road lies straight ahead
So with hard work, interest, keenness,
Goodwill, see the path you tread
Fill your family life with love and cheer
As that makes life go round
Then give help to those who need you
And then happiness you’ve found.