Karate-Zen is offered by Walmer Dojo at our school on Monday afternoons.  Sensei Salaama Rhoda 3rd Dan offers these lessons in a private capacity at a fee.  Application forms are available at the Dojo or directly from our school, however all fees and registrations are done directly with Sensei Salaama.

Our learners have been participating in various Kata & Kumite competitions and have won many medals and trophies.



Dear Ms Pedro


I would like to inform you that Mountain Rd Primary once again placed first at the  4th edition of the Inter school karate championships. 45 schools where represented at this championships and Mountain Rd topped the medal table with


1st place Mountain Rd Primary:  8 gold, 5 silver & 7 bronze = 63 points

2nd place York Rd Primary:            1 gold, 5 silver & 7 bronze = 27 points

3rd place Parow High:                      4 gold & 1 silver = 23 points


During October this year that national inter school karate championships will be held in Johannesburg and the medal winners of the above mentioned championships will represent the schools of Cape Town at this championships.


Best sporting Regards


Shihan Llewellyn Rhoda

Chairman RC:  Karate South Africa



Our Karate learners participated in a National Schools Competition.

Our learners were part of the Cape Town School's Team who


8 Gold, 12 Silver and 27 Bronze.

The Cape Town Schools came first with a score of 72 points.

The schools that came second (53 points) and third (42 points) were both from Johannesburg.

Well done: Caitlin, Kieran, Chelsea, Jaden, Qiyaam, Abdu'Daiyaan, Raeesah, Danyaal and Imaad! 

We are so proud of you!

NEWS FLASH! :  Mountain Road Primary School Karate Team has won the Inter-School Karate Championship 2013!  This is the third year in a row that our school has won this completion.  We are very proud of our boys and girls, well done!

MOUNTAIN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL won the Inter-School Karate Championship for the second year.

Our 2012 winners!