International gymnast, Yossi Neuman is a Senior Gymnastics Coach who has started a gymnastics programme at Mountain Road Primary.  The Sportiv Developmental Gymnastics programme was introduced as an extra mural this year, 2014, and is proving to be very popular amongst both girls and boys.

Why choose gymnastics?  Gymnastics is know to be one of the oldest disciplines in sport and provides the largest motor skills development than all other sports.

Sportiv is a non-competitive programme, which has been carefully developed over many years of research and field implementation using a well balanced method of activity.  The lessons are structured taking into consideration the child's biological age, level of emotional intelligence, milestone requirement/age appropriate motor skills. 

Sportiv gymnastics builds - self confidence, discipline, a strong work ethic, determination, consistency, courage, independent thinking and problem solving skills.

On a physical level, it enhances - cardiovascular strength, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, posture and strength elements.

Lessons take place in our school hall on Tuesday afternoons.  Payments are made directly to Sportive Gymnastics.