Looking after our environment is important to all of us.  Our school recycles paper and glass and is water wise around saving water.  We have recently joined a partnership with an NGO called GREENPOP who have developed an area of our school into a nursery, planting a variety of trees and plants. 

On Tuesday, 18 June 2013, Greenpop together with Life Day Spa Canal Walk planted 30 trees on our school grounds.  The trees were donated by Life Day Spa who planted the trees as a gesture of prayer for a collegue who was involved in an accident and was in a coma.  The learners, 'The Green Machines', assisted with the planting of the trees and learnt a lot about the best and 'wisest' ways of planting trees.  All of our learners will bring greywater (bath water) to school to water these trees.

Please take note of the beautified area at the back of the school on the Mountain Road side!

Our Green Machine Team is taking care of our trees and ensure that they are watered and weeded regularly.  Learners are bringing in grey water (bath water) which is used to water our trees and plants.  Saving water is yet another aspect of our Recycling Awareness at school.  We recyle paper and glass too.


Grade 1's visit Greenpop to learn about soil and plants:


Grade 2's visit Greenpop garden on our school grounds to learn about the ecosystem: