Grade 3

Grade 3 Space Projects

Grade 3 Outing to the Ostrich Farm 2015:

Grade 3's went on their outing to the Ostrich Farm 2014:


Grade 3 Brag Wall:

The Grade 3's are very proud of Ziyaad who wrote an amazing story and would love to share it with you.

The Magic Frog
One day I was walking in the forest and I saw a small little frog on a huge rock.  The frog was green with red spots.  I picked it up and it said, "I can grant you any wish.  Your wish is my command."  I stood there in shock with a surprised look on my face and I said, "I wish for a pet hamster."  And in no time at all there was the cutest little hamster I had ever seen.  I was so excited that I took the frog and my new hamster home.
I was at home with the frog in my left hand and my hamster in the other.  Then the frog told me I had two wishes left so I needed to use them wisely.  I used my second wish to be able to fly.  I liked that wish and I spent an hour testing it out.  The next day I had to go to school but I really wanted to stay home.  When I finally got home I used my last wish.  I said, "I wish you could stay little frog and I wish my hamster could live forever."  I got just what I wished for and I had a really happy life!

Grade 3 outing to the Ostrich Farm 2013:

Grade 3 outing to the Science Centre 2012