Grade 2

Grade 2 Outing:

Grade 2 'Under the Sea' projects:

Communication Projects:


Outing to the Crocodile Farm

Making vehicles for our Technology Project


Grade 2's visit Greenpop to learn about trees, plants and soil.




Grade 2's grow beans:

Grade 2 Brag Wall:

The Grade 2's presented orals about their religions and traditions:

Grade 2's doing Maths

Grade 2 Picnic on 26 September.  We dressed up as "What I want to be when I grow up!"


Outing to Monkey Town on Wednesday 20 June:

Grade 2's made squirrel masks and acted out their squirrel poem.

Grade 2B played Old Mac Donald using percussion instruments.


Our Grade 2's planted beans in cottonwool to see how they grow.  See how beautifully our plants are growning.