Field Trips and Tours

We are excited to report that all Intermediate and Senior Phase grades (gr4 -7) will be going on camps in October of 2014!  Venues to be announced shortly.


Our learners regulary go on outings.  These outings are spaced out throughout the year and relate to the work being covered in class.  Children learn a great deal from experiencing things hands on and enjoy the change of "classroom" space.  Classes will post photos and news from their outings on their individual pages.

Our Grade 3's go to the Ostrich Farm


Our Grade 4 and Grade 6 learners also get to go on camps.  Here too, the work covered at the camps is related to the work done in class.  Both camps are run by ex-teachers who have set up wonderful surroundings for our children to experience new knowledge though discovery and hands on experiences.  The social aspect is also fun and team work is a big part of the camp experience.  Great memories are going to remain with them forever!