Compulsory school fees are levied. The Governing Body sets the school fees which are reviewed annually in October. Fees may be paid annually, quarterly or monthly IN ADVANCE.

These pay for educational materials, textbooks, transport, maintenance, equipment, and for the salaries of some staff members. The policy of the school is to provide quality education at an affordable price.  

School fees are determined at the annual general meeting held by the Governing Body and parents of the school. This amount can be paid in monthly or quarterly instalments. A 10% discount is offered for annual advance payment.

The above fee is in respect of all pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 7.

The private Grade R section charges higher fees as this functions independently from Mountain Road Primary School. The fees per year can be paid in quarterly or monthly instalments in advance.

Banking Details:

ABSA Bank Woodstock

Branch: 512809

Acc:  01025981282

Reference:  Acc no / Child's name, surname & grade (eldest if more than one child)

Fax proof of payment to:  0867 18 13 18  or email: statements@mountainroadschool.co.za