Mountain Road Primary School is a community-based school, which offers to serve the Woodstock community.  It is therefore prescribed that the people living in Woodstock are granted preference when enrolling at this school. Once these learners have been enrolled, preference is granted to learners whose parents work in the community; however they reside outside of the catchment area. Thirdly, should place still exist in a particular grade, placement will be granted to applications from people living and working outside of the area.

The area in question stretches from Salt River to Cape Town, including Walmer Estate and surrounds.

The enrolment age for Gr R: As specified within SASA, children who turn 5 by 30 June in the year of admission may be accepted in Gr R. However, children turning 6 in the year of admission will be given preference to as these learners must be enrolled in grade 1 by the next year.
The enrolment age for Grade 1:  As specified within SASA, children who turn 7 in the year for which application is made for grade 1 will be granted a place if they meet the criteria as stipulated below, and depending on the availability of space. Any learner who turns 6 years of age on or before 30th June of the year may be enrolled for the year. This however will be determined by the availability of space in the grade as the school has two grade R classes that feed into grade 1.

Learners will not be enrolled at this school without the following documentation:

  •  Birth Certificate
  •  Clinic card
  •  Report of previous year
  •  Reference report from previous school (provided by our school)
  •  Transfer card
  •  Recent colour photograph of learner (passport size)
  •  Proof of residential address of parents/guardian
  •  Pay slips of both parents/guardians
  •  Papers indicating guardianship if this is the case

Registration Documents
•    All learners in the WCED schooling system must be registered on the WCED’s CEMIS system.
•    The learner registration form is used to register learners who enter the WCED school system for the first time.
•    The CEMIS Transfer Certificate is required when a learners leaves the school to go to another school in the Western Cape.
•    The CEMIS Deregistration Certificate is used to deregister learners who leave the WCED school system permanently.

Application forms may be collected from the front office.