Cell Phone Policy

The cell phone (and other electronic devices such as IPods, other music players, hand-held games and cameras) has no educational value at school and, as such, it is not permitted for learners to bring such items to school.  Possession of a cell phone at school during the school day is thus prohibited and any cell phone found on a learner will be confiscated for a minimum period of 30 days.

•    There is no educational reason why a cell phone must be with a learner at school.
•    Use of web-based communication (Facebook, Mxit, etc) has become obsessive and often a danger to young children.
•    The use of the camera facility and recording ability on most cell phones is open to abuse.
•    The learners are at risk of mugging when going to and from school and there is an alarming increase in the numbers of reported incidents as Primary Schools are often targeted by thugs.
•    There is a high risk of theft of such items within the school environment, unfortunately children who wish for such items but cannot afford them resort to stealing.  Such temptations should be avoided.
•    Sorting out the loss or theft of a cell phone at school takes up a tremendous amount of wasted teaching time.

In addition, there is significant pressure on learners to have the latest model cell phone which creates unnecessary peer pressure and places the parents are under financial pressure to acquire more expensive phones.

While it is appreciated that this policy may cause inconvenience for learners and their parents it must be understood that it has been drawn up with the best interest of the learners at heart, with consideration for their education and personal safety.

In any form of emergency, a parent may contact the school via the school secretary to pass on a message to their child.  Likewise, should a child need to contact his/her parents, they may do this via their teacher or the office staff.

The phone with, it’s sim card, will be confiscated for a period of:
*first offence – 14 days
*second offence – 30 days
*third and consecutive offences – 90 days

Should a learner disregard the rule and bring a phone to school and it is lost or stolen, THE SCHOOL WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR FINDING THE PHONE or investigating the theft/loss.  The learner has brought the phone to school knowing the risks and would thus need to accept the consequences.

Should a parent at any time feel that they have a valid reason for allowing their child to bring their phone to school, the parent needs to make a special arrangement with the Principal who may or may not accommodate the request.

Cell phones at school:
•    Learners are not permitted to have cell phones on their person.
•    Educators or any other staff members are not permitted to keep cell phones for learners.
•    Educators and prefects are authorised to confiscate cell phones if a learner is found to have one during the school day, ie at any time on the school grounds.
•    Confiscated cell phones must be collected by the parent.
•    Should a cell phone be stolen at any time, the school will not be held liable for the loss incurred.
•    Learners have been instructed not to bring cell phones to school as parents should contact them via the school secretary if necessary.
•    Parents have been informed re the cell phone policy and have been requested to instruct their children to comply.  The policy will be sent home for parents to sign at the start of each new school year.

The school’s appeal to parents:
As concerned educators and caregivers the school and staff appeal to parents to exercise strict control over their child’s phone and ensure that they know the contents of the phone.  This is not about invading your child’s privacy, it is your right and duty as the parent to monitor their actions and safe guard them from danger.

A young child does not need the most updated phone, all they need is a phone that makes and receives calls.  Web-based phones are unnecessary at this young age.

•    It has been discovered on occasions that learners who are bringing phones to school have immoral or offensive songs, pictures or clips on their phones.  They show these to their peers or even share them.
•    Any form of pornographic material found on a child’s phone is illegal and must be reported to the police.  The child and/or parent can be prosecuted.
•    Far too many stories have been reported of abuse between learners on Mxit where they feel free to swear at each other on this forum.  Not to mention the cases of predators luring unsuspecting youngsters.

Cell phones at school - staff
•    Educators have been instructed to switch off their cell phones when in a classroom or any other teaching venue.
•    In case of emergency, the educator needs to obtain permission from the Principal/deputy principal to have the cell phone on when in the classroom.
•    Educators should be conscientious regarding the safety of their cell phones at all times, as the school will not be held liable should any loss be incurred.