Access to Information

Duties of the Information Officer (IO) and Deputy Information Officer (DIO)

When a person is requesting information from a public body the IO/DIO of that public body must:

  • Provide the requester with tech request form (Form A).
  • Help the requester complete the form by explaining what the form requires.
  • Receive the completed form and provide acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Help clarify exactly what records are being requested should it be unclear from the form.
  • Help the requester address the form to the correct body holding the requested information or transfer the request, if necessary, within 14 days of receiving it to the appropriate public body which has the records requested.  The IO/DIO must inform the requester of this transfer.
  • Advise the requester if there are any fees payable.
  • Provide the requester with an affidavit which must include the steps taken to find the information requested if the information requested no longer exists or could not be found.
  • Inform the requester of the decision on whether or not to grant access to the information requested of the decision on whether or not to grant access to the information requested in writing.
  • Provide reasons for the refusal, which must be more than a mere restatement of the grounds for non-disclosure.
  • Provide the information in the format requested.
  • Inform the requester in writing, with valid reasons, should an extension of the provided 30-day period in which to respond be required.
  • Advise the requester of their right to appeal if their request is denied.
  • Advise the requester of their right of recourse in a court of law should their request or appeal be refused.